WINTER HOME DECOR 2018 | How I decorate after Christmas | Lynette Yoder

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Winter Home Decor 2018! Here’s a video on How I decorate after Christmas! I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful -Lynne

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My Christmas Home tour:

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Lynette Yoder says:

How do you guys decorate in the winter? Do you keep your winter things around or put it away ? ☺️

Jan Shrum says:

Looks stunning Lynette!!

helene kueck says:

Love the green pillows. I also like to leave out some "winter" decor.

Tammy Langdon says:

Love your decor.Your house is BEAUTIFUL.

Gina Diefenbach says:

Everything is beautiful 🤗

Marie Booze says:

beautiful. ..I wouldn't change a thing. love your mirror and vanity.

Michelle Tellez says:

The green pillows are super cute!

Jaiie5b B says:

So Pretty 😍and Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼☃️

Jessica Fleenor says:

Beautiful home. You've done a wonderful job.

Diana Reyes says:

You always make a beautiful job on decorating I love it. The wreaths and the pillows match so great so I think you leave them👍

Leigh Hottman says:

I love the way you decorate! So glad I found your channel 🙂

This Mandy Life says:

Oh I just love your home 😍 Your winter decor is perfect! I’m never sure how to transition and I have so many ideas now! I don’t think the pillows or the ornaments on your shelf look Christmasy at all. Very pretty!!

Lynette Easter says:

I thought your home tour was great and your home was beautiful. I love to decorate for the winter I think it helps to get through those long gray days of winter to have something pretty to look at in your home. I like to change out for the spring in about March.

Momma From Scratch says:

You didn't great! I love the thrifted candles sticks! It's winter and cozy! I've added a touch of color to my winter only because vday is coming! Loved the video

makeupjunkie82 says:

I think your pillows work with the winter decor.
I like everything!!

Helen Bickley says:

Gorgeous x looks so cosy xxx 😙😙😙

Adaline Zook says:

Loved what you did! I love making the house still feel wintery

Gamaw Jean says:

You have a beautiful home!! Love the pillows and all the winter accents!!

Kathy Enderle says:

Love everything! Wish you live close to me I would pay you to help me place my decor around the house.

Denise Lois James says:

The green pillows are great- keep them

Brenda Tate says:

Beautiful as always! Definitely keep the pillows out they look great! You are so talented Lynette!
I’m so glad Kaden got to use his carrots 🥕. He must be going to be a weather man because he knew it was going to snow ⛄️. LOL. I love all your winter decorations. Hugs 🤗 Have a blessed day!

Sheri McGill says:

I think the green pillows look just fine, but if you were to change them you could use an icy blue color to represent winter ❄️ I love your style

Quadena Rhodes says:

I love the green pillows on your couch. I don't think it looks Christmas 🎄 at all. I love the way you decorate it is country but very minimal and I love that. 😊💖

Peggy Mohr says:

I love your simplicity and clean homey decor. Thanks for sharing.

Horrisa Jones says:

Very nice touch

JulieTheMom says:

Once again, so cozy and beautiful!

CRebecca1944 says:

Your home always looks so pretty👍👍👍👍

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