Why Tim Sales Chose ARIIX

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Tim Sales, a trainer and leader in the MLM industry has been approached by many to be a leader for their company, but after years of being pursued, he chose …
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Kevin T. Ryan says:

I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Tim Sales personally over the past six
months and I can honestly say that when this man puts his name on
something, you can take it to the bank. 

Hien huynh le nhu says:

i also want…please tell me how i can get in this job?

Jorge David Gonzalez says:

Tim es el Networker mas conocido del mundo entero!!! Como para los
religiosos el papa..es el papa…Tim Seles para los Networkers es Tim

Lance Lovejoy says:

Thanks Tim, Very straight forward information, That is so much appreciated.

Gabe Osorio says:

Tim Sales comes out of retirement to work with Ariix! … (Awesome) Steve
Swartz made a very important point – and that is Ariix is not looking to
saturate their name but rather create divisions (sub brands). Lynn Allen
Johnson sums it up by sharing why she joined Ariix , she’s a product of the
product. Slenderiiz has helped Lynn Allen lose weight and keep it off. From
Slenderiiz to Moa – Ariix is committed to helping their distributors
succeed both financially and personally. They chose Ariix, you should too

Jerry Hanson says:

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