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This vegan wellington is the perfect centre piece for any table during the holiday season, it’s as easy to make as it is delicious! A wonderful centrepiece that goes great served with gravy and cranberry sauce.

Sorry we don’t have a written recipe for this! We’re currently working on an updated and improved version which will feature in our new book (to be launched in Spring 2018)… So please bear with us until then!

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Ank Viv says:

I'm a brand new vegan and I made this for this year's Christmas dinner and everyone loved it! Sparked a nice positive discussion on veganism too!

Clara Madeira says:

the spices are sage and what? I can't realy get the name

Sarah & Spices says:

Looks absolutely delicious!!

Cynthia Chaillot says:

I love your YT channel

Cat Catt says:

Oh I just subscribed, this look really good and u have so many xmas recepies, 👍🏻

Keith Sutcliffe says:

Can't wait to cook vegan Wellington.. I have taste it and it's

Annika Kl says:

Is it 100g of cooked or uncooked couscous? 😊

iPadraig says:

Just making this…too hell with the won't make the oven..yummy and simple to make as always

Karen Murison says:

I miss your wonderful cafe!!! So excited you have a book and a YouTube cooking channel!!!!! Come to Denmark and cook!!!

Irish Vegan says:

Love ya guys!

Asha Bas says:

Found you guys by 'accident' when an email was sent to me of a vegan wellington dish. It rolled into this one and this is much more entertaining to watch. Thank-you for making me smile, and for the interesting dish idea. 🙂

Sharon Hunter says:

Yet again there's nuts in this recepie, is there any Wellington roast out there that does not contain nuts? As I'm highly allergic to nuts.

Christina Randall says:

I'm going to make a similar version to this but more friendly for the non vegan. I'm going to use basmatic rice cooked in not beef boulion, plus celiac root and herbs and field roast apple sausage (vegan). That way we don't have two stuffing dishes and the main will be quite savory. Thanks for the inspirations guys!

Barbara Carbone says:

Mmmmm omg! I want it now! Which one of your cookbooks has this recipe?

kickthespike says:

I'm not nit-picking here guys I really love your cooking videos…But!!!!  You were using Filo not puff,  it doesn't matter that you put hot filling into filo, HOWEVER. you said puff pastry and it would matter very much if you put a hot filling into either puff or shortcrust pastry.  It would go limp and soggy.

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