Toys Selling Situation in This Christmas Season

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According to the Germany toy retailers association and DVSI, the toys selling situation in this Christmas season is very well. Estimated by related experts, the total toys turnover in this year would make the new record and at the end of the year it would reach up to 2.6 billion Euros with 3 percent increased ratio. Why toy selling in this year is so hot? As you know, the employment situation in Germany and economic environment had recovered in this year so that the requirements of toys are increased.

WillyFISchel, the chairman of Germany toy retailers association, said that the price of toys in this year would keep stable and the phenomenon of lacking toys supply would not happen again. However, in the next year, 2012, the price of all toys would increase with different scales. As you know, many toys being sold in Germany are made in China, in the past several years, the share of the toys market is about 70% and this year it was reduced into 60%. The toys manufacture cost in both raw material and labor force is increased year by year. Therefore it is inevitable to result in price increased.

China is the largest Christmas gifts manufacture country and exporting country in the world. According to the statistics, 80 percent of the Christmas items all over the world are made in China. At present, the Chinese manufacturers are establishing the first industry standards to strictly control the quality of Christmas products. It is so detailed that, for example, the thickness of Christmas tree leaves have strict rule.

In the past year, both the European Union and the U.S have published more strict safety standard on toys manufacture, which is necessary to protect children’s safety. However, as for China toys manufacturers, their selling markets meet the unprecedented winter. In order to keep the position of the largest toys manufacture country and exporting country in the world, China toys manufacturers should try their best to keep up the development and change of the global toys marketing and closely pay more attention on the newest toys regulations in every country. In addition, they should think out useful ways to meet the changed standards and improve the toys quality so that the probability of negative events such as being circulated a notice and countermanding would be reduced.

Finally, what I want to emphasize is that improving the quality of toys are conducive to improve the international status in the world and also has historical significance.

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