Samsung Galaxy Tab Contract Overwhelming Response to touch 1 Million Unit sales by Christmas

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The first ever serious competition to the Apple iPads from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is out in the UK mobile phone market place. Thanks to a large number of Samsung Galaxy Tab deals including contract from Orange and other network service providers have only made it possible to reach out to more potential users.

News has come out that the Samsung Galaxy TabContract has already sold 600,000 units and the South Korean mobile phone major is more than confident that its mobile computer tablet will sell more than one million units by Christmas this year. Such has been the response to the Samsung Galaxy Tab worldwide.Simply overwhelming. Well, Samsung indeed seems to have managed to put it across to Apple. The Apple iPads thus far have enjoyed near complete monopoly over the mobile computer tablet market place, if we are allowed to ignore the Streak from Dell.

But not anymore. With obviously a few value additions going for it, the Samsung Galaxy Tab with the overwhelming acceptance it has received most certainly must have set the alarm bells ringing in Apple. No wonder, then that Apple has already has started working on the much enhanced version of the Apple iPad, the Apple iPad 2. Slated for a April/May 2011 release, the Apple iPad 2 will, if nothing else will deliver not one but two camera devices to match up to what the Samsung Galaxy Tab is currently offering.

Apple will be, even otherwise, required to act fast, as RIM (Research in Motion) is also bringing out its Cheap Blackberry Phones Playbook around the same time as the Apple iPad 2 will be hitting the tablet market place. And it is also reliably learnt that Dell is also likely to launch the improved version of its Streak very soon. We see clearly that the mobile computer tablet market place is hotting up and we will withng the next few months have a far crowded look to it.

Samsung has most certainly made a giant leap forward in this endeavour. It is already rumoured that Samsung wil also release the next updated version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab sooner than expected.Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is selling SIM free for £ 597.60 only. You can very well pick and choose from a host of Samsung Galaxy Tab contract from Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile network carriers.

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