Recycled Christmas cards week 2

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After the response that I got last week I decided to do this again and increase my Christmas card stash 🙂 Hope you enjoy and it inspires you to do the same!

And don’t forget to go and check out my other videos and my blog if you want other ideas:

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Charlotte Miller says:

Like this card make quick and simple! Char

Denise Kuhlman says:

You just know how to put things together to make  everything work. So talented!

Alicia Bell says:

I just threw out my Christmas cards before I found you. I make cards for the troops and Vets. I try for 300 for Christmas and as many hello cards for everyday use as I can during the year. I never thought of cutting them up to make a few cards out of one card. I then have family and friends too. You have just saved me A LOT of money! I won't ever look at a Christmas card the same way again. TY again. I just love you.

Nyoka Smith says:

I like your recycling videos… only thing. you are sometimes out of frame and I can't see all the steps…maybe you could try zooming out a little…….
. thanks for sharing …

Elizabeth Hird says:

love watching these thank you

Connie Greeno says:

I use my old Christmas cards Christmas tags

Tanya Melancon says:

Beautiful,great way to save money and destash

Barbara Metcalf says:

Thank you for the inspiration

Barbara Metcalf says:

Just watch ed your 1st recycling Christmas cards , I recycle some cards but your video makes me realise I still waste some bits

Robin Jordan says:

I love this set your doing! Gave me an idea to ask on our community blog for any old Xmas cards they were not familiar sing. I have decided to make re proposed cards for military and nursing homes! I have gotten two bundles of cards already! Super excited to start.

Zona Bentley says:

It all looks so interesting unfortunately I can only see the table at the top mostly maybe next one will be better

Joyce Clark says:

I go to value village as well …. great place to pick-up card making things. Ty for sharing

pam mckenzie says:

Great ideas Vicky, thank you, I will certainly be doing something with my old cards now, some I couldn't part with before but now they will be used again.xx

Maxine Mudry says:

Vicky, it is amazing what you are doing with your recycled Christmas Cards & scrap paper, wrapping paper, card stock from Xmas ornaments–amazing!  Like your ideas about buying packets of cards and just covering up–you then have the envelopes for each card.  Love your recycling ideas for envelopes, etc.  And hey–don't worry about the time aspect as it is all interesting to those of us who love crafts and reusing saved items. I am an avid scrapbooker so have lots of embellishments and TONS of paper and lots of scraps, as I never throw anything out!  Love your BIG SHOT Magnetic Platform cutter and have never seen one of these.  Great tool.  I have a Cricut machine but that little gizmo is much quicker for small papers and cuts.  Keep up these videos as I love them.  Thanks.  MM

Tracy Bell says:

I love watching you matching up one idem with another with another to make the card look great. If you could move the camera so we could see more of the bottom of the picture. I keep trying to move it on my end and it just will not work. LOL. Thanks of another great video.

lilchippewa says:

Hey Vicky, I know I am kinda late to the party here but had to say, loving your videos!!! Watched the first one last night and digging on this one now.. and btw, they are not to long for me! love your ideas and your "chit chat" super fun and super cute cards!

Donna H says:

You can use glitter ribbon or tape, mog pog it first that way there is less glitter going everywhere.

Jenny Hargreaves says:

You need to put your camera out a bit as you are only getting half of what you are doing but great card i enjoy watching them

Denise Cramer says:

I've done that for years

Norma Thomas says:

Love how you recycle everything vicky iam a new subscriber Hi x

Brenda Mark says:

Great ideas! One suggestion: if you had a Misti stamping tool, it would have helped you re-stamp perfectly where your first stamping did not stamp all the way. You did, however, manage to re-stamp perfectly but sometimes you may not be so lucky.

chris lemke says:

You did it again and I would love to see more of your beautiful creations!!!

blackitten2 says:

Love this series!!! Hope there will be more. Thanks for sharing.

karen stanley says:

l just like to say thankyou you have for your videos and please continue as it helps me create my cards

Terry Jones says:

Very interesting and enjoyable to watch! Would like to try it myself. Thank you

Donna Nusbaum says:

I have lots of old cards and wasn't sure who to use them. But thanks to you and your creativity, I know what to do. I do have a question, do you stamp a greeting on the inside or hand write a note?

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