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These are my current favorite christmas songs including Elton John, Mud, Sarah Dawn Finer, Chris Rea and more.
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-Martin in Sweden


DrummerlovesBookworm says:

My favorite Christmas song is "This Christmas" originally done by Donnie Hathaway. But HERE is a link to my hubby's band doing it (Seattle band)

Michael Short says:

Jag tycker om Sarah Dawn Finer. sågen "Vinterland" är bra. 🙂

Bubba Grace says:

I love happy bouncy Christmas songs. My favorite is Here comes Santa Clause by Gene Autry. I also love Nat king Cole's I'm the happiest Christmas. And mainly because I love bells, Jingle jingle jingle from the Rudolph movie. and all Mannheim Steamrollers Christmas music.

Ivana Slavkovski Bilić says:

Love the list, Jethro Tull is one of my favourite bands ever, so glad you mentioned their song!

actua99 says:

Thanks for pointing out Kanske Nästa År! It's quite nice, it reminded me of times past.
Thanks for an evening of reminiscing 🙂

anthony gaskin says:

Great choices and Jessica's delivery in episode 152 is so touching! (Dare I mention that in Chris Rea's name both vowels are pronounced Ree-a
though most people with that name pronounce it "ray." gott nytt år

H. Stiemke says:

I like the Chipmunk's "Christmas don't be late". I love anything silly and fun. God Jul Martin!! 🙂

Charjune says:

My favorite Christmas songs (and other songs I relate to the holidays or just getting into the Christmas Spirit):
Stilla Natt
Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
Frostroses (by Frostroses; I love the magical music video & song is wonderful)
Winterland (by Unheilig; ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL MUSIC VIDEO please watch it & listen to that beautiful song!)
Greensleeves (isn't that also sung during Christmas or am I wrong?)
Cherry Cherry Christmas (by Neil Diamond)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (by Coldplay)
etc… I can't think of any more right now.

M Hanson says:

Great picks.  Pogues. Yes.  Nat King Cole is my favorite male singing voice ever.I'm also a sucker for nostalgic songs.  Cheers!   Merry Christmas to all !

Sebastian Åkerberg says:

No Just D – "Nu är det juligen"? It's THE classic Swedish Christmas song. 😀

Milky Paw says:

Interesting selection.

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