Karen Burniston Die Set #1020 Christmas Tree Pop up Assembly

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Karen teaches how to assemble die #1020 Christmas Tree Pop-up.
——— S U P P L I E S ———

• Christmas Tree Pop-Up
——— https://ldli.co/e/40gj0 [ karenburniston.com ]

• Snowman Twist Circle Die Set
——— https://ldli.co/e/20ojm [ karenburniston.com ]

• Fineline Applicator & Bottle
——— https://ldli.co/e/5o0jx [ karenburniston.com ]

• Neutral PH Adhesive by LINECO
——— https://ldli.co/e/306jx [ karenburniston.com ]

• Medium Gelly Roll Pen – White
——— https://ldli.co/e/md29r [ karenburniston.com ]

• Word Set 3 – Holiday
——— https://ldli.co/e/e49z0 [ karenburniston.com ]

• Winter Charms
——— https://ldli.co/e/q7e1x [ karenburniston.com ]


Krafty Kimmy says:

Hi Karen, I so appreciate your pop up dies. I probably have most all of them! But I do have to say – those pop up die for the tree trunk (and for the flower pot) bothers me that they cut holes into the base. Why couldn't the tree trunk (or the flower pot/box) have tabs to attach to the base?! Then we don't have to cover the holes in the base! What do you think??

mitsim says:

What a great die set. And, I saw your Halloween card using the pop-up workings from this set as well. Definitely a die set that can be utilized in many styles. Additionally, I love that you use the Lineco Neutral Ph Adhesive. I've been using it for a few years, and it's the best. I buy it in the 32 oz bottle, and refill dispenser bottles. I haven't tried the fine applicator bottle, but seeing you use the glue with it is encouraging, and I will invest in one soon. I wasn't sure the glue would flow well enough. Thanks, Karen!

CraftingMyWorld says:

Absolutely LOVE this die! Just ordered it and can't wait to use it. Thanks so much for the explanation of how to use it – very easy to understand and appreciate the close-ups and still shots so I could see the details.

Roselin Primrose says:

this is fun looks great thanks for sharing

Terrie Rodrigue says:

Awesome tree cards…with all that work these cards would have to go to someone special…..tfs

Karen Hasheck says:

Wow- brilliant design! Can't wait to play with them!

Cee Jay says:

Karen you are so killing me!!!! But I love it, love it, love it!!!

Peggy Kempf says:

Karen your dies are always so wonderful!!! And I love how you describe how to put them together!!! I wish I could live in your great mind just one day!!! Love ya!

Kora Ivesdal says:

I have always loved your dies! You are so creative. Thank you for sharing.

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