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John and I are sharing our favorite Christmas tradition, memories, etc., and answering your Christmas related questions.

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Suzanne St-Laurent Dvorak says:

Lovely stories and you two make a very adorable couple.

Courtney Fink says:

Adding this at the beginning in case people don't read this all, but glen beck came out with a great book about Santa clause.
I know this is an older video, but for us I feel our daughter absolutely knows the difference in Santa clause and Jesus. Meaning I feel we have shown her a clear separation of the two things. If something were to happen where when she found out about Santa, and she questioned Jesus, we would simply explain that Santa is just something that makes Santa extra fun on top of the great time that is celebrating our saviors birthday.

kie mc says:

Oh Wow!!! l feel the same way about not telling my children about santa for the exact same reason; because that happened to me. When I was little I was told about santa, the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy; and when I got older I didn't believe in Jesus Christ. I thought all of it was fairly tales. (but thank God for mercy).

Erica Brooks says:

Great video. I love hearing all of your stories. There are times in the video when you are very soft spoken and it's hard to hear but other than that I loved it!!

raquel steele says:

It was so fun to see your husband in this video and your mil in the gift wrapping video

Century Traveler says:

I would like to say that what I wrote here is not intended to be negative or judgmental. But when you mentioned not including Santa in Christmas it sparked something because this Christmas was a very special Christmas for me and it included Santa. Thanks for this video — I enjoyed it very much.

The thing about thinking kids will relate Santa with Jesus is a little confusing for me. Why would we think kids would get confused and think Jesus wasn't real because they found out Santa wasn't real? When I was young and I actually do not remember when I transitioned from believing to not but I never once thought the same about Jesus. And I don't know anyone else including my own children who questioned the existence of Jesus because of Santa. The only thing I can say is that I feel all the frenzy and advertising about Christmas has become so secularized that in today's world Christmas has lost its true meaning — and not because of Santa but because of the world today and how materialistic everything has become. It really is sad. But as Christians we need to keep focused without becoming too rigid. I think Santa is so much fun for the kids — I can't express the happiness I had this Christmas and all because of Santa coming to visit our house to give out gifts to all the kids. It was phenomenal. Like I said — we need to stay focused and teach our children the true meaning of Christmas without losing out by becoming too rigid. Happy New Year and God bless you and your family.

Nancy Smith says:

Thank you for sharing your family with us this Christmas!. We love Christmas holidays with family. It is such a special time.

WifeMommyFamily Journey says:

Finally got a chance to sit a watch this video!!! So much in common friend!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! Xoxo

Cyndee Cochrane says:

I hope you had a blessed Christmas!

Debbie Bell says:

My middle son came crying to me at 5 asking if Jesus was a lie too. He learned the truth about santa and was crying . I was so sorry. But I was never told about santa. I was raised by my grandparents who were elderly. She wanted me to realize I'd not get tons of toys because they were retired.

Lizzies Smiles says:

You guys are adorable!! Thanks for sharing your stories!

Ana Villanueva says:

You guys are such an adorable couple!

juelle626 says:

Your family is adorable. Merry Christmas to you all.

jenannegadd says:

Merry Christmas Jen and family. I made your breakfast casserole this morning and it went down really well with the whole family! Good bless you.

Julia's Life Adventures says:

Just out of curiosity, anyone is welcome to add your opinions! But how do you figure out how much you would spend on gifts for outside of your immediate family? Like we usually have to set a limit for our family get togethers, like this year was $30 limit for all of the kids. Etc. do other people make rules like this for family christmas get togethers? Or do yall just spend whatever you want for your relatives?

His And Her Money says:

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

tanya mcnutt says:

Merry Christmas, Jen and John and boys

marifroggy says:

What a beautiful Christian family…LUV IT!!!!

marifroggy says:

What a beautiful Christian family…LUV IT!!!!

svntrs says:

how wonderful! you are so so surrounded by family and traditions. What a huge blessing. I hope that my children can have that when they have their families, sadly my husband and I are having to begin traditions

Jacky Watson says:

That was so nice! Merry Christmas🌲🎉

denise prin says:

Could you please explain (if you haven't already, I'm new) how you make a massive Christmas breakfast and what you make. When my kids wake up it is chaos on Christmas morning! I want to have that moment of substantial nourishment of food and family time to regroup and "recover" from the excitement of presents. But how to find the time? Do you make it all ahead of time? And what do you make?

orzygabby says:

aww you guys are so in love still! I'm a newly wed and its so nice to see a couple so playful and dynamic!

Angie Jackson says:

Love this…Okay, I love that as baby Christians you chose not to make Santa a part of Christmas.  We were convicted about the "lie" of Santa and the fact that Jesus was the reason for the season, and same with Easter – never did the Easter Bunny thing either – did give them Easter baskets but no bunny involved…but the challenge was our in-laws would sign their presents for them "Love Santa" and tell them Santa visited their house so that was challenging so while we did not encourage the Santa theme we didn't really denounce him until they asked, which thankfully at a young age they did ask and we kept Jesus as the center all along….so really admire you guys doing that and keeping it about Jesus.  We read Luke 2 Christmas morning before we open gifts and we enjoy a Christmas breakfast at my mother-in-laws on Christmas Day.  Christmas Eve my husband has to work and my aunt used to host Christmas Eve (my dad's sister) but now she goes to Florida so the kids and I, while my husband is at work, will see a movie and when he gets home (who knows when – sometimes after 7) we go eat at Waffle House as a new tradition we have – if my husband is not too tired, we will watch a Christmas movie Christmas Eve night and the kids sleep in our floor as we do leave a stocking under the tree with one gift not wrapped in the stocking….everything else we wrap and they open Christmas morning, then we head to my mother-in-laws and in the evening, my sister-in-laws for my husband's dad's side of the family… after Christmas it is to my mothers and my dad spends Christmas in Florida so we try to see him after Christmas…..Ha, my husband is not so great at getting gifts and since he works at UPS, does not really have time to shop anyway so this may be a good thing…The gift he did give me that I did not like was an oversized pair of doggie slippers, when you squeeze the ear, they would bark ….I know you can picture them…ginormous house shoes with a dog head……and did I mention they barked :(……and to go with them an oversized Tasmanian Devil Looney Toons sleep shirt….I will never, ever let him forget that and it is an ongoing joke.  Not sure why he thought I was a good fit for those and not sure I want to know why he thought I was a good fit for those??  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Christmas picture.  I really wanted to do a Christmas card this year with our picture with little updates about the past year so I deliberately did not send any Christmas cards out this year planning to do that….well, never got my family together to do the picture and since this has been my intention the past few Christmases, this has been a fail the past few years and have not sent Christmas cards for the past few years – I am a horrible person 🙁  I think maybe we should take the picture this Christmas and set it aside and maybe it will work out for next year – I actually have Christmas cards I purchased after Christmas one year and was planning on sending those if the picture didn't work out but by the time I realized the picture was a fail….they would not get out in time….which should tell you how much I desperately need planning and organization in my life but thanks to you guys and other organizing bloggers, I am gradually moving in that direction….wish it would go a little faster but….years of habits I am trying to break so I am gonna let me off the hook….Merry Christmas – beautiful family picture!!!!  :o)  You guys are so precious to me and thankful for your youtube channel!!!

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