Introduction about Technological Toys in This Christmas Day

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Recently, the ranking of technological toys in this year Christmas Day has been published. Through playing with all these technological toys personally and compare the price of similar toys, Eric Johnson, chief inspector of Digital Strategy centre, and several MBA students finally picked out 13 kinds of technological toys with the price under 100 U.S. dollar.

On the ranking list, all the products are integrated into video function. Because of the price of video function is dropping in recent years, this type of toys gradually become the hottest trend in this season. For example, Hot Wheels, which is one toy cars with video camera, and LeapPad, which is one electronic toys book with video camera and educational games, are on the list of top technological toys.

What I want to emphasize in the follow article is LeapPad. Do you have interests? If so, reading the following article.

Professor Johnson said it is a huge challenge to develop such toys with advanced technology. What’s more, the price should be less than 100 U.S. dollar. According to many aspects, it is more difficult to finish such task than the design from the Apple or other technology companies because it should be simple operating and durable.

As one important teaching way, Professor Johnson would guide several MBA students to do research on toys every year so that his students would have better understanding on toys industry. Johnson believed that toys industry could also reflect the trend in other industries because its short cycle and good returns would attract lots of entrepreneurs. Only with one suitable toy and a small investment funds, entrepreneurs would be able to participate in toy exhibition and get lots of orders from dealers. Then such style of toys would become one famous industry.

80 percent of toys products on this Christmas Day list are new products. According to one MBA students, it was difficult to defeat these new products in a short time.

In addition to toys with integration video technology, other toys with good performance in the toys market include Barbie Hairtastic Printables. With the help of this toy, children can use it to design and customize the hair style of their toys. What’s more, SuperSoaker vortex water gun and Fijit, one robot toys, also have great business opportunity.

In addition to use such way as teaching method, Johnson also combined is with charities. They organized one charitable toys donation activity to donate toys to disabled children. Johnson said what I did was mostly just for fun.

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