How to store your Christmas Lights – Life hack

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How to pack away your Christmas lights so they don’t get tangled up an knotted. Life Hack, save you having to untangle them next year.

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Lucas Evans says:


Kavita mishra says:

Happy New Year 2016

Kavita mishra says:

Happy New Year 2016

Donald9Douglas10 says:

I'm mad because my ad was longer than the video itself…

Nauman Baba says:

sorry or late comment Dave I love ur video

Crispy Mystery says:

I'll have to give this a shot this year. I'm always called on to untangle lights and decorations in my home lol

Alex DeLarge says:

why the title is in italian?

Shawneen Ison says:

Hey Dave can u use a American cucumber instead of an English cucumber lol

Justin Thomas says:

plz make a nutella mouse in the next video

James M says:

am addicted to your channel now …. cant fault any of your advice in any way!

Rene iraheta says:

love your vids this is very helpful please reply

Fuzzykeys says:

Not to bring u down or anything but I think this is similar to another video that I've watched

Lorano EinsZweiDrei says:

deutscher Titel?

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