How to Keep Babies & Toddlers Safe around Christmas Trees

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Ornament hooks, ornaments with small pieces, and glass ornaments are serious choking and injury risks for infants and children. Use these sparingly or not at all to keep your children safe.

Step 1: Purchase a tree
Choose a live or artificial tree with a wide base as it will have a lower risk of tipping.

Step 2: Attach base
Attach your tree stand to a 3-foot by 3-foot piece of plywood using heavy-duty wood screws for increased stability.

Step 3: Insert tree
Insert the tree into the stand, making sure that it is securely attached and won’t tip over.

Step 4: Attach to ceiling
Screw a ceiling hook into the ceiling directly above the tree. Attach heavy-gauge wire securely to the top of the tree trunk and connect to the ceiling hook to prevent tipping.

Step 5: Run lights
Run LED lights around the tree closest to the trunk and at least 2 feet up from the floor to prevent little hands from grabbing the lights.

Be sure to check light strands for any frays or bare spots before putting them on your tree.

Step 6: Hide the cord
Hide the light cords and plugs behind a big piece of furniture. Tape cords to the floor with painter’s or duct tape to secure them.

Step 7: Use ribbon hangers
Cut lengths of ribbon to hang each ornament instead of using potentially dangerous ornament hooks.

Step 8: Hang ornaments
Hang stuffed or plastic ornaments that do not have small or breakable parts. Use ornaments that are safe in the hands of children.

If you are planning on using breakable ornaments, place them at least 3 feet from the ground so children can’t get to them.

Step 9: Move furniture away
Move any furniture that can be used to climb the tree or grab hold of the upper section at least 2 feet away from the Christmas tree.

Using a child safety fence to completely block the tree is a way to ensure your child’s safety.

Step 10: Show the tree off
Explain to your child how the tree can be dangerous despite its beauty. Let them know that the tree is for looking at only. Now enjoy the tree and your beautiful decorations.

Did You Know?
The first Christmas tree to be placed at the site of Rockefeller Center was actually erected in the mud by construction workers during the Great Depression in 1931, before the center was even completed.


Venice Mackay says:

i have spent the last 3 chistmas collecting glass ornaments now i have to get all new stuffed ones, still i bet there not so pricy as the glass .

jen15678 says:

This is a great video, and I have gained valuable information from it thank you. I wouldn't put the ottoman next to the railing at the top of the stairs though.

roger jackson says:

Step 1: Don't by the fucking tree in the first place! Did you know: Grass is green?

Severus Llama says:

thumbs up if you don't have any children

Drake Lamb says:

this is actually a good howcast video

boopsie13 says:

Did you notice where she moved the stool? Right beside the railing of the steps. Thats real safe. 🙁

MissMatania says:

Good tips, by the way!!

TenshiKTama says:

*tear* we havn't even passed halloween yet…what about about baby proofing THAT?! *sob*

0yashamaru0Return says:

@KitaDyer babies are shorter than 3 feet

KitaDyer says:

I don't know about you… but I'm not smaller than 3 feet and neither is my baby bro…

Giratina386 says:

Did you know: Howcast almost never says what the text in the "Did you knows" exactly.

Black Rose says:

Optional: electrify the child safety fence.

Michael Desmond says:

@Simgeozmen1 that made me lol!

Thesethlans says:

I already see too many hazards with this video.

Best thing to do is keep the kids away or monitor them. Thats a parents job. If not then you shouldnt have kids period.

LiterallyNoLife says:

Step 1: Don't get kids.

j7sh1 says:

Pssssh Im not gettin rid of my bone china ornaments or glass ones…If they hurt themselves they will learn thier lesson.Dont play with the tree 😀 I am not doing all this crap

j7sh1 says:

@irelandcool1 lol I know right

Ryan Brown says:

hurt the kids

PanicAttacks says:

and that man looks like he wants to hurt kids

PanicAttacks says:

its not even near Christmas !!!!!!!! and this tip isnt helpful

04smallmj says:

@Trolownsyou Exaclty, just vaccum them up every week or so. People are so lazy!

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