How to Crochet Christmas Trees

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Crochet 1 of 3 Sizes of Crochet Christmas Trees for the holidays. Perfect sizing for hospital night stands, small apartments and other cool decorative ideas. Crochet one for yourself. Get the instructions at


Brenda Meredith says:

Mikey, I love love love your version of this tree pattern! I think it would be pretty as well to add a round of sl sts or sc w/white on the border of each layer for a snowy look 🙂 Would that be ok to do….or would it alter the pattern too much? Thank you!♡

jessica Jansson johansson says:

I have thought to make the top of the Christmas tree just but do not understand how to do .. I have also asked a friend to look at the description but she also does not find how to make the top.

Anthony Lockwood says:

The first one of the medium tree has no intructions for the leaves. Is this correct

Michelle Vansandt says:

I'm starting the large tree and the band you are showing us to do is too small to feat the bottom of the cone

Donya W. says:

Mikey I love these trees and the fact that you added extra chains to make it look more "bushy" makes it perfect! As soon as I printed the pattern, I crossed off the chain 2,3, and 4 and put the 6,7, and 8. I really love your videos because you explain the patterns in a way that I don't get confused and also you add tips. Is there any chance of you doing a short video of the topper – your version 🙂 it just makes the tree full all around. I'm not a beginner, but I'm not an expert. My reading patterns almost always gets messed up somewhere and I can't read diagrams(?) at all, I'm good watching the video first and having the written pattern to fall back on. Thanks again for your wonderful videos. Donya

Margaret Johnston says:


Mc Stephens says:

It is beautiful but how can you print pattern tried but no option to print the pattern thank you for the tutorial,

Kiss Sabrina says:

what size hook?

Charlotte Holley says:

Thanks for the video. I'm going to make this

Crochet Couch says:

These are so adorable!

mayra170169 says:


buzzwaffle says:

I like your version better; I am also thinking that your method would look cool if the rings were threaded onto a foam wreath.

Linda Moreman says:

mickey this is not following the pattern. I like your method but you are adding more rows to this band

Jolene Goodwin says:

Wow So Pretty & cool

Megan Hasbrouck says:

Omg love this pattern. so much easier than I thought and it turned out so cute

Marige OBrien says:

One decoration would be to do a chain and add it as a garland.  

Marige OBrien says:

I LOVE the way you interpret the overall concept of the instructions!  That makes it so much easier and is something that one usually doesn't understand until after they begin… and sometimes not until you're done.  

Tammy Hurst says:

it want let me watch only can see the ad then it stops I try to start it back it only plays the ad. oh

Yolanda López Castro says:

At 9:10 he said "slip stitch" when he is actually doing SC.

Debbie Meadors says:

love the trees,also love how you like to change things up,kind of like  that myself,thanks for your time will be making a lot of these trees.

Robin Derton says:

Is there any written instructions on how you altered the top? I am new at crochet and, while I understand what you did, I'm not quite certain how to do it.  Thanks!

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