How to Close the Sales Call – Telemarketers 310-777-0255

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Grant Cardone says:

If you are really a sales expert, sales manager or run a sales organization
you should be able to do this on a real live sales call.

#sales #SalesCalls #telemarketing #CloseTheDeal #boilerroom 

shakeofdoom says:

love to see you remaking these style of vids Grant! Top Job!

Kavish Jash says:

I’m freaking pumped up my man! M gonna shoot this video tomorrow to our
sales team. You are the Sales monster! 10X 

Jeremy Clay says:

Expert closer. #Sales #Business #Career #Finance 

Chris Cash says:


John Burke says:

Mr. Cardone, you are the man when it comes to sales! How do I do this in
the fence construction industry? How can I leverage an ROI with our clients
or close like this when it comes to fence construction?

Anthony L says:

Fucking Awesome…excuse my french #GoodStuff #WIT #DealCloser 

Justin Perrine says:


Munir Bandali says:

Currently reading Sell or be Sold and have to admit… it’s great! Looking
forward to moving onto The 10x rule! 

Lord Mikó says:

Hi Grant can you make,more and more this kind of video? ,we can learn from
it as well, Grant in action is the best 🙂 

Jonathan Iboa says:

Great Motivating Vid Grant! You Stepped in & CLOSED! More vids like this
would be awesome!

jj sansano says:

That happens every day dawg! Haha. Great job! Been listening since I sold
cars in 06. Thank you Grant. 

Diego Andrade says:

Great close! Be persistent and close the sale!

Wes Schaeffer says:

Does no one else find it ironic that they are selling sales training but
discounting their offer and resorting to pressure tactics to “shut the guy
down?” For three years and $30,000 that better come with a new
Harley-Davidson, an engraved Rolex and a puppy because nobody will like you
after you put the screws to them like that. These tactics give sales and
sales training a bad name.

Magneto31able says:

Very strong communication and closing skills..

Marcelo Cardoso says:

$100 dollars was the deciding factor? The guy was already sold! Great stuff
Grant, pushing him over the edge with full intention!!!

agoode says:

Loved watching the vid this morning! got me pumped for my day!

Jok3rDicE says:

Maaan this is kids stuff, gymnasium students do this crap in Sweden. Im
doing my own business but I should grow balls and go to the US, my
agressive style should fit right in :D

Magik604 says:

This is why I just ordered customized license plates that read “10XRule”.
Grant Cardone’s books and Cardone University turned me from a 40k/yr guy to
a 200/k a year guy in only 8 months. My future is limitless thanks to
Cardone showing me the path. #10XRule #SuccessIsMyObligation
#DontBeALittleBitch #HustleMuscle 

Ricky Sheahan says:

Hey there Grant! RICK from over in Australia! When are you coming
Downunder?!? Wanting to call in from Australia during Young Hustlers with a
question, how can we make this happen? What’s the extention for the number?
I will figure out the time difference haha. @Ricktorscale #Whateverittakes

Mor Assouline says:

+Grant Cardone im impressed you take the time to answer everyone’s
comments here – that’s the whole purpose of social networking. ARE YOU

Boxing Authority says:

If you are really a sales expert, sales manager or run a sales organization
you should be able to do this on a real live sales call.

#sales #SalesCalls #telemarketing #CloseTheDeal #boilerroom 

Anthony Alagona says:

Your Sales Guy needs to watch some more of your videos….Grant if you want
someone on your team that can close, I’m a phone call away! 

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