GINGERBREAD HOUSE RECIPE How To Cook That for Christmas

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Making your own Gingerbread House for Christmas is a wonderful tradition. I’ll show you how to DIY yours this Christmas.

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For everything you need to make your own Gingerbread house this Christmas, here are some helpful links:
Gingerbread House Icing recipe:

Gingerbread house mold:

Enchanted Gingerbread House Video:
Dragons Den Gingerbread House Video:
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How To Cook That says:

Merry Christmas everyone, want to see my latest Gingerbread house? Here's the link 🙂

Ballerina Diaz says:

i live in new zealand

Debbie D says:

Australia and I would like because I really enjoy cooking and stuff

Gloria Picazo says:

That's beautiful

kingk mb says:

Usa plainfield

Rashan Sarjoo says:

Looks delicious🍰🙂

Effie Christoforou says:

I’m from Cyprus and I would like to win this because I like to cook And watch every video of you cooking something and I’m going to do the same thing every time

Savita Rishi says:

You are such a good decorator

Louise Stubbs says:

Hi I am from England I would like to win them because I am super poor

Nupur Sharma says:

I'm from india and i love cooking and i wanna win this , love ur videos

Day Trippin' Citrus says:

What an incredible gingerbread house! In all honesty, this is the most cosy, Christmas-like house I've ever seen, I can imagine snuggling up by the fire inside reading a book while eating the roof off! I really admire what you can do with the ingredients you have. I have one suggestion though. Smarties are a product of the Nestle company but- and you may know this since you've made this video- uses an ingredient called palm oil. Palm oil is sought out in the rain-forests in Indonesia, in the process, completely destroying them along with the species of animals that live their. Nestle continues to include palm oil in their products. If you wish to decide using other alternatives, there are many others that provide sufficient taste and deliciousness such as Cadbury (which has stopped using palm oil). It would be awesome if you could take this into consideration. It's just a note, I apologise for ranting, I just had to be sure I provided good enough information.
Once again, I absolutely love this house that you've made, it seems almost too gorgeous to eat after all the effort you've put into it.
Have a good one! xo xo xo <3

ayed lara says:

I live in the United States of America and I would like to get that mixer because it is excellent and I really would like to have that mixer.🏚🏚🏚🏚🏚🏚🏚

Natalie Davison says:

But this chance to win is not really going on anymore. 😟😭😢😞😔

Natalie Davison says:

I'm from the USA!! I would love to win for a lot of reasons. One: I love to bake. Two: I've always wanted one of those mixers, never had one. three: I never really win anything. Four: I love your channel, would love to support it some more, and would love to tell more people about it.

Will L says:

Pakistan, to make food.

life without sisters life without sisters says:

I'm sorry I didn't look i n description

life without sisters life without sisters says:

I live in New Zealand and I will like to win this because it because I've never had a mixer before because my mum cunt afford a and mixer and I've been cooking since I was 3 with my Nan and aunty my fav think to cook in choc cookies and cake I've never made a ginger bread House before but I want to and this mixer will be my dream come true

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