Fill Santa?s Sack with Christmas Toys from Tesco

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As Winter approaches and sunny days turn dark and grey everyone begins to think about Christmas. As the chink of bright (flashing, multicoloured) light in the middle of a gloomy British winter, everyone loves Christmas. But for all the fun and merriment it can put a rather large dent in the bank balance, particularly if you have excited little ones expecting a stack of presents under the tree.

Tesco Direct is a great place to save on Christmas gifts for children, and offers low prices on all the best, most popular toys. You can save even more when you use a Tesco Direct voucher code from As the place to go to find all the latest money off vouchers, deals and offers, 5hop5 should be the first stop on your Christmas shopping list.

A Tesco Direct coupon from 5hop5 could save you money on your Christmas stash, so get the kids to do their lists and head to Tesco Direct to make all of their festive wishes come true.

Here’s a forecast of what may be popular this year:


Any toys with a recent movie tie in are a sure fire hit, and with the recent release of Transformers 3 you’ll find that the appetite of young fans for their very own robots will have been re-wetted.

A new idea in the Transformers toys range this year is the Kreo Transformers. These are robots that kids actually build up from scratch, adding even more play value.

Other old favourites such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee have been revamped, and you will also find new characters from the Dark of the Moon movie to add to your child’s collection.


Lego is always popular come Christmas time, and the range is wide and varied. Whether your child is into cars, construction vehicles, buildings, boats, trains or planes, there’s a Lego city model for them.

Lego also has a wide range of themed models, such as Harry Potter, Spongebob, Star Wars and Pirates of the Carribean, which are sure to be popular with little movie fans keen to recreate their favourite big screen scenes.

Tesco has all of these Lego ranges in stock, plus more, including Duplo which is perfect for smaller hands.

My prediction for the Lego sell out item this year is the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, so if you have a little Potter fan at home then you’d be best to snap this one up as quickly as possible, before it goes out of stock until January.

Cars 2

The movie of 2011 for kids was Disney’s Cars 2, so it stands to reason that there are going to be lots of little Lightning McQueen fans come Christmas time. Tesco Direct has a great selection of Cars 2 toys including a range of themed learning laptops by Vtech, remote control cars, play scenes, die cast cars and stationary.

There is also a fun range of Cars 2 themed classic board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Operation and Frustration.

Toy Story 3

Another raft of movie tie in toys, Toy Story 3 toys, games and figurines have been popular since the release of the first movie, and the affection for Buzz, Woody et al shows no sign of slowing.

A new addition  to the Toy Story toys family is the Turbo Glow Buzz Lightyear. Young Toy Story fans can dress as Buzz Lightyear, play in a Toy Story play tent and skate on Toy Story rollerskates. Whichever their favourite character, Buzz or Bullseye, Woody or Jessie, you can find it at Tesco Direct.


The LeapFrog range of toys is a popular buy for parents of the under nines, and the newest toy from LeapFrog is the LeapPad Explorer with camera. Your little learner can play exciting learning games, take photos and video, make art and read books on their sleek little gadget, and best of all, it’s fully portable.

Take it out to dinner, on long car journeys or on holidays to keep your little one occupied.

Although Christmas is always an expensive time of year for families, you can cut costs as much as possible by taking advantage of great deals at Tesco Direct. Check before you start on the kid’s Christmas lists, for a great Tesco Direct coupon to make Christmas that little bit cheaper. After all, every little helps.

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