Don’t Let Christmas Sales Ruin Your Store Appearance

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Christmas Sales
by Paul-W

Although the meaning of Christmas is supposed to be about peace and goodwill to all men, for many people it is something else: shopping. Even though the weeks before Christmas are generally spent scrambling to find the perfect gifts, many people rush out after the big day in the hope of finding bargains in the Christmas and January sales. Although shoppers may relish this opportunity, it can be a difficult for fashion retailers to manage all the custom. Not only do staff have to deal with customers returning their unwanted Christmas gifts, they also have to try and keep an extremely busy store tidy when bargain hunters are creating mess and leaving clothes on the floor. It can sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle.

The key to success in fashion retail is the appearance of the clothes in your shop. An untidy shop can discourage customers from making a purchase and lower the perceived value of clothes. These busy periods can even cause the clothes to become damaged, meaning you may have to reduce their price. Although it can be tempting to let tidiness fall by the wayside during the hectic Christmas sales, there’s no reason why it should. Simple changes in your shop fittings and displays can make it much easier for you to keep your store tidy.


During the Christmas sales, it can become a balancing act to get enough storage for your sale stock while still leaving enough space for customers to move freely. Think carefully about the items you will stock during the Christmas sales and where you will display them. This will allow you to order the appropriate shop fittings prior to the festive season. Plan your displays in advance to make sure that your store doesn’t become too cramped or cluttered.

During the sales, many retailers fill their stores with as much stock as possible in order to maximise profits. If you do this, try to avoid overstuffing shelves and clothes rails with stock. The clothes could become damaged and it can make it difficult for customers to look through them. Clothes are also much more likely to fall off tightly packed rails, increasing the chances that they’ll become dirty or damaged. Try to make all your displays easily accessible to everyone to prevent damage from occurring when customers are struggling to reach items.

The right clothes hangers can help prevent clothes falling on the floor. They will also show the clothes in their best light. Jumpers, jackets and shirts should be stored on sturdy wood hangers, while hangers with clips are perfect for trousers and skirts. However, accidents with clothes can still happen. If any clothes should fall on the floor, consider using a fabric steamer to refresh them. You can then put them back on the shop floor looking as good as new.

The Christmas sales are an extremely stressful time for retailers. If you make some simple changes to your shop fittings, they don’t have to ruin your store’s appearance.

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