DIY Haunted Thrift Store Figurines – Man Vs Pin

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Sadie Seasongoods says:

Hey!! That's my project, LOL. I'm Sadie Seasongoods!! 🙂

super_sad says:

I made some of these a while ago, left them in a graveyard on a friend's grave and then played a few 3AM challenges with them in my house.
They freak my grandparents out but I love my little friends.

Team S.D.L says:

There goes my way to a innocent life

Ashley Mejia says:

I still have mine out. I put them under a black light which made my dude freaked out. Every now and then I'll place them in random places. Like the bathroom, refrigerator, bedroom…. etc….When he finds them I act as if I'm surprise. It scares the shit out of him. 😎

Madeline Gutierrez says:

Too silly. Too.

Kimberly Hobbs says:

Do more of these

TheXiarissah Club says:

Pls make bubble rug

Scarlett Wilkinson says:

even tho its not tat scary i had a nightmare about them

Espeon Thomas says:

by the invested in me I now damn Rob Czar to Bowls of Hell

Marilyn Lynette says:

The teddy bear is pretty cute

HappyTeaLeaves says:

Could you imagine what someone who visited that grave yard thought when they saw those figures? 😂😂😂

Unicorn PlaysRoblox says:

Ayye that's pretty good! Not to bad Rob!

that_kid nobody_notices says:

Sit gothic water candle please

hi im not a human says:

It's like dark Link, make him completely black with red eyes.

Alex Boentaran says:


Ruby Cleveland says:

Water candles

Emerald Roy says:

Dutch baby pancakes please man vs Corrine vs pin

kaylee markgraf says:

Diy plastic cup snow man pls

Zack Williams says:

Cop behind you at 6:34


Modesty Clearwater says:

Make a ducking bread bowl


Kiara Isabella Santillan says:

Rob: oh I'm gonna go to hell for this
Me: you've been planned to go to hell since you started YouTube

Lexie Villa says:

Starburst roses

Jasmine Snow says:

Porcelain dolls are already creepy as fuck. And somehow the internet made the goddamn things worse

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