Diane’s Danish Christmas – Advent Sunday traditions with Vibeke

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PrairieAdventures says:

You are very lucky to have such a special friend!  Would love to have her show how she made her book tree! Thank you for the tour of her beautiful home.

Kristina Servin says:

I love vivecas house, it is very warm and cozy.

Gabi T. says:

Great video! Vibekes home and decorations are so wonderful!

Ayngi Blabla says:

Thank so much, Vibeke too 🙂 That was very nice, I like this style too. Everbody can be his own designer to make a especially beautiful christmas . Greetings from cold Germany – Ayngi

violettt1 says:

she is just as lovely as you are Diane xx

Anne Carlson says:

I certainly hope we see more of your friend Vibeke. She is lovely as are her home and decorations. Thanks for sharing her with us.

DeAnna B says:

Absolutely beautiful 😃🌲 Thanks so much for sharing!

Mystical heart says:

Thank you for showing us the lovely crafts! It would be great to see a lot of those (with how-to) throughout the year:-) God Bless!

Linda Dulmes says:

So interesting to see the decorations and customs. We also do the Advent candles being of German Descent.
You are both so fluent in English. How do you keep it up? Is English spoken often? Thanks my friend Diane. ❤️

JustMissEna says:

Your friend is so nice! Thanks for sharing her with us. "Go you!" as i've got used to say and thanks so much for making time to help and motivate me (and everybody else, but i've decided to take it personal :)). Warm hug from Romania, Ena.

Rebecca Hawkins says:

Oh how lovely so classy x Your friend was great on camera

Holly Weaver says:

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home, Vibeke!

ellen moeller says:

Thank you so much, Diane and Vibeke, for sharing your beautiful homes and decorating with us. Everything is so beautiful and natural. I just love it! What you lack in sunshine you make up for with beauty! Thank you both!

Lisa Krushinski says:

What a pleasure to meet Vibeke and to see her lovely home decorated for Christmas! 🎄

Teresa H says:

Hi Diane, just a quick question, what did Vibeke use to put the numbers on the candles? I would love to do something like this. Also the book with the Christmas tree inside ooooohh it is so beautiful X

Teresa H says:

Hi Diane, What a fabulous video! Thanks to Vibeke for showing us some of the amazing things in her home! I am so going to do the advent candle display (even though I missed the first sunday) .. Beautiful.. Thanks for sharing x

Séverine S. says:

C’est super joli chez ton amie!!!!! J’aime beaucoup sa décoration!! Elle fait le flylady aussi? Elle a l’air gentille!! Je vous envoie des bisous!! 😘😘💙

sandrine loron says:

very very nice !!!!!

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