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Alex and I finally tackle our yearly Christmas shopping trip, (in-between eating all the delicious food of course) and finally choose each others Christmas presents, so exciting! Then it’s time to head over to the Clarins pop-up event and off to a delicious dinner with Em & Matt too! My second dress option for the Gleam party arrives too (let me know what you think below) and we get my annual ASOS party outfit haul filmed and then deal with the resulting chaos haha 🙂

Watch and shop the ASOS haul here:

See my other Gleam dress option here:

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What I’m Wearing ❤

Dressing Gown: Kiehls
Cold Shoulder Knit:
Red Boots:
Black Jacket:
Earrings: Dior Tribales
Navy Lace Dress:

Beauty Products Used ❤

Red Lip:

What/Who Else is in The Vlog ❤

Granary Square Brassiere:
Matt – Roe Menswear:

Alex’s Xmas Jumper:
Alex’s Coach Tee: (On Sale!)

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Music by Epidemic Sound (

Thank you so much for watching and for the support always! Love you guys so much ❤


aurélie says:

off the shoulder looked so good on you x

Ayre says:

I really loved the ASOS video! Very well done! 👍

Cassie Falat says:

I love Alex's Christmas sweater! Where did he get it?

Farmgirl Fashionista says:

Sad to hear you wasn’t having a good day at the end. You looked beautiful as always! xo

Annette Osland says:

I feel sorry for your boyfriend…..what do you get a girl that gets expensive presents everyday when you are just an average Joe

Jessica Pond says:

Alex is so cute, "what bag are you wearing?"… he cares so much about the things you love, it's great

petitesideofstyle says:

Loved the pink heeled LV boots!! ❤️

Kymberli Shea says:

Wow! You look so beautiful when u got ready after u opened the calendar!! 😍😍

TessRobertson says:

your makeup in this video is so beautiful! So simple but you look so glowy and radiant <3

sarah hassan says:

I like your christmas calendar ..and I always comment because I love your vlogs😚😘😙😍😍

Anna Balogh says:

Seeing Victoria happy and bubbly makes me feel happy and bubbly!

gem ferrer says:

Alex is such a supportive and chill boyfriend! Good catch Victoria!😍

SandraOlufsen says:

Looved coming along into the city,and loved the rest also! And wow straight hair looks stunning on you xx

Rhea Campbell says:

I’ve been following your blog for years and your YouTube since you started. A few of your latest vlogs you seem like you’re being hard on yourself! I’ve always thought I have no clue where you get the energy from to do as much as you do. It’s so clear you work so hard and such long hours, I know we all have our down days but you’re incredible and so is what you’re achieving. Try not to be so hard on yourself, you’re doing amazing! Xxxx

ssarah20 says:

vic: "dior" alex:"never heard of it" 😂😂😂😂

Diana Garza says:

The desserts.

DearInternet says:

OMG the black boots 😍

Jessica Spencer says:

loving your vlogmas!

madii84 says:

How come you guys never take the tube?

jazzle says:

I watch your videos one time through to pay attention to the content, and then I watch it a second time through just to admire your face and outfits 😂❤️

Lacey says:

I love how Alex asked what bag are you using!

Giulia S. says:

you and alex are soo cute 😍❤️

Bumas closet says:

oh my i loveeeeeee your top! the style is so pretty

Beth Scholes says:

If i saw Victoria out shopping i honestly think i would cry. Love her so much 😍 total inspiration!!!

Sarah McEvoy says:

What lipstick are you wearing the pinkish one at the end of the video?!

Vogue My Life says:

such an inspiring girllieee xxx

Honey Zakaria says:

That look on Alex’s face when you said D.I.O.R 😆

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