Come Christmas Shopping with Me! | Vlogmas Day 19 | 2017 |

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ABC EFG says:

Your are the my favourite YouTuber 😘😘 love you

Britney Carla says:

When I saw the Jake Paul poster and you said “I wanna die” that was my same reaction 😂

Britney Carla says:

I loveee this vlog so far it’s my favourite one!! It helped me to get ideas for my family. I felt like I wish right with you shopping, I was like “oh no don’t get that” “that’s expensive” “oh get that get that!!” Lol 🎄🎁☃️🎅🏼❄️

Meghan Nicole says:

I love your videos they are so inspirational I love your vlogmas videos can you do vlodmas next year?Also ily Alyssa

Sasha gerelen says:

Live soon??

JUAN B says:

Omg I love when you post videos that are all about CHRISTMAS!!!! it’s so sad how the Christmas videos are the least viewed vids, I don’t understand 😂 Keep doing what your doing 👌❣️

Sofia Puccio says:

I love watching all of your vlogs ❤️ I’ve been sick the past few days and the videos have been making my day!

Jessi Barwick says:

OMG I had to watch this like 40 times just to make Shure I was hearing my name right I was so excited

Belle Davidson says:

Omg bean the sweter my small dog has the same one I hey look like twins I have cawawa to

Andrew Martinez says:

Haha you called the lotion brand scratch and sniff but thats just a sticker to tell what the lotion smells like

Abby Roe says:

I am loving these vlogmas videos Alyssa! 🙂 Don't be discouraged because they aren't getting as many views as your piercing videos etc. like you mentioned a while back in the vlogs– I get excited literally every day when I see you have a new upload!! I always watch them right away. So please know that we do still love these videos, too! Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

sailormoon8593 says:

Filling stockings look cool. I sometimes wish my family had that tradition. 😃

Kelsey says:

I really want to be a YouTuber because of you!!! 🙂

Swine says:

This video is inspiring. When I watched it I was like "Oh man! Alyssa just inspired me again."

EnglandIsMyCity says:

I love five below, it’s my favorite store to just go and look around hahaha. The iPhone chargers and cases are the best

Moriah Morrow says:

Do a video doing a full face using 5 below makeup!!

Brenda Baltazar says:

I enjoy watching your vlogs/videos. I’ve been a subscriber for a while now… and I can honestly say I admire you for person you are. You have a good heart and an amazing soul. keep up the good work beautiful. I love you ❤️

josha19933 says:

I love five below

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