Christmas Shopping 2017 – Come Shopping With Me – Millie and Chloe

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Christmas Shopping 2017 – Come Shopping With Me
Black Friday was a perfect day for us to start our Christmas Shopping for 2017 and we thought you might like to come shopping with us! We bought a few bargains and had a great day sussing out what to buy our family and friends for Christmas. We hope you enjoy shopping with us! Millie and Chloe xx



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LPS CandyTwins says:

Merry Christmas 🎄 🎁

Randomcheyenne says:

Thanks s for another amazing video 😘❤️

PaUdel Prabina says:

wow …It was a great video.I love all your videos.

Marli B says:

Omg I need to try that glittery star Christmas bath melt IT LOOKS AMAZING!

craft time. says:

Milli and choleni love your outfits. Your choice are superb.

CJ's Life says:

Could you do a phone case and bag collection video ! xo

Samantha G says:

I really want to meet Millie since I’ve already met Chloe and see her a lot of the time😂❤️

cutest kawaii flakes says:

I saw you at plaze

HappyLittleLlama x says:

What shopping centre was that?

Lizzie _Rose says:

What very lucky friends and family you have they all looked like great present ideas!! Loved the little extra upload xo 😽💕💞💖

Kailani Hillyer says:

I thought you guys lived in the city!

Amelie STEINMAN says:

Love you guys and so excited for Christmas I’m guessing you guys to.

Audrey Bumbak says:

Which shopping centre do u go to?.

Abbey Lyle says:

Where is chloe's jumpsuit from? xx

vanessa. says:

Love your channel!

xXellalillieXx says:

awesome plssss make more vids I've seen all of them!! LOVE YA GUYS XXX

first last says:

omg millie and chloe that looks like so much fun xx

Itisme K says:

Which shopping centre is this??

Hollyymac says:

Can you guysss pleaseeee do a boxing day sale shopping vlog ! x

Annie Kim says:

It’s been sooooooo hot here in Victoria!!!

Sweet Sunsets says:

Amazing video 👌💖

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