Christmas Gifts for Kids : Jingle and Bell from Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

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The girls find out what they got for Christmas! These toys were bought at #Hallmark Gold Crown Store and can also be found at
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This video was sponsored by Hallmark Gold Crown Store

Christmas Sweater Bell Stuffed Animal



Amy Loca says:

You did a very nice video your daughter's look extremely happy with the gifts on Christmas morning very cute 🙂

Amy Loca says:

These are so cute 🙂

cool stuff from princess Sydnie says:

You are adorable
And cute I like your styles
I can not believe your back in town oh my

xomalikahgxo says:

keep posting videos

xomalikahgxo says:

Awwww I love your videos love lil did and big sis keepbposyong videos you are awesome ….can you do a hair washing video for big sis's hair please and thank you😀😀😀😀

Purple Dove says:

I really like these cute little stuffed animals

Naturallyorz says:

Awww these are so cute!!!

N Maister says:

can u do a video on how u did lil sis and big sis's hair

Morena Azucar says:

Such a cute video.


That's a good cause to buy the stuff animals! Love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

SisiYemmieTV says:

awwww so cute!

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