Christmas Decor Storage Hacks! πŸŽ„ 8 Frugal DIY Ideas

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Christmas Decor Storage Hacks! πŸŽ„ Frugal Ways to Organize and Store Christmas Decorations

Printable Storage Labels

HOLIDAY STORAGE HACKS That Will Save Your Christmas Next Year and Your Sanity
After Christmas Organization

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aziz bahoo says:

Can you give me a shout out plesssssss I love your videos Jennifer I never get a shout out in my life never believe never so can I get a shout out please

A Joyful Home says:

We always take down our Christmas decorations around New Years also. Great tips!

Kayla Moore says:

Great tips! Now I need to go pack everything up.

Charlene Bernard says:

Wow…i feel sooo inadequate regarding my xmas decorations to try & put away compared to yrs. You are a organizing wizard…❀ the video.

Sondra Six says:

Thank you😊

Chris Bruno says:

I always do mine on New Year’s Day which is today, not my favorite day 😩

Lucia Crosland says:

As usual, you never disappoint! You have the best ideas, Jennifer… thank you! I will definitely be implementing some of these ideas as I pack up our Christmas decorations this year. We leave them up until after Three King's Day- The Feast of The Epiphany. So after next weekend, they will be taken down and stored…

Poppy Chocky says:

I found it very helpful thank you I did not know about toilet roll hack xx

Barbara Fox says:

Happy New Year

Leenam Surana says:

Happy New Year may this year bring lots n lots of happiness joy health n peace for u n ur family . Ur doing a great job n I love ur channel

Reedie Sloan says:

u can put lemon juice on apples and they don't brown so the kids can eat there apples

Yusur Al-darraji says:

dude, mom goals.

Kim Knows says:

These are such great ideas! That is awesome you have so much Christmas decor to take up 7 boxes. That is a great idea to put the boxes by room.

Lisa SEARCY says:

Love the wrapping paper idea!! Thank you!

ashley bailie says:

I tried the cup thing this year for the first time but I'm now kicking myself I didn't tag my garlands might have to slip back up to the attic and do it !! Happy New Year to you and your family xx

Kellie Wyllia says:

Great ideas!

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