Carol Of The Sales

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Let this song bring forth the Steam Winter Sale.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2014 Vlogmas Day 26!


Antony C says:

Just a titchy bit epic.

Devin Venneman says:

I forgot, what comes after “Gaben”?

Xycron says:

My brethren… The time is nigh 

MrPrankmastergeneral says:

Prophet of the PC master race.

CookiePaladin says:

Gay pancake man

Dr. Bees says:

‘Tis the season approximately 365 days a year

DeathByMudkip says:


ChocolateChip_WizardNZ says:

He roars a Mighty roar as he fulls my library with games.
He roars a mighty roar as he fulls my library with games. 

Ezret (El Que jode y bromea :3) says:

Merry Gabesmas! The present of this year is……. Not Half Life 3

Sebbe Grip says:

Who is Ben, and why is he gay?

ha ha ha says:


Monkey Luffy says:

Gay pokeman.

Spiro Dra says:

Gaben the PC Overlord
The king of PC Gaming
God of PC itself

GLaDOS says:

Gaben is love, Gaben is life.

TheFlashdriveman says:

I put away $60 bucks!!! I AM READY LORD GABEN.

Az4angela says:

I didn’t find much either for after Christmas deals! Not as much as last

sawhite108 says:

Brad cracked me up when y’all were going into Kohls! 

Simply Preet says:

This was an awesome video, I liked seeing all the stuff available post
x-mas where you live. I do agree that the 50% off sales were good but not
the greatest deals. And gosh your yankee candle store is so nice!

yohena cuevas says:

Love to see a after xmas haul of the things u got!:)

Susan Dhifaoui says:

wow, you fellas sure made your rounds!! Brad cracks me up; he makes a
beeline and is so focused on finding those bargains. Marco really got into
the shopping venture even though he wasn’t too keen in the beginning. so
fun to see all that is out there in the stores in different parts of the
country. Loved the tour of all the stores. what fun.

MrKongsMom says:

SAS was such a bust this year 🙁 You had a great selection in your store!
Jelly belly :)

Susan Dhifaoui says:

oh, and you get two stars for being able to pass up BBW, yankee, and
starbucks. wow, that is willpower for sure. as a side note, look forward
to seeing all of Brad’s flowers in the spring./summer.

calebcakes says:

Three guys out shopping….so typical…you have a definite idea of what
you are looking for and you stick to it! As a woman I tend to browse a lot
more and waste time. I am impressed by your ability to go to 6 plus stores
in one day! I would be exhausted. But you have a tight schedule, I only
work part time. Yeah, me not too impressed by YC half-off sale, it’s gotta
be better than that for me to get motivated.

MrKongsMom says:

Ok Brett, I HIGHLY suggest Christmas Cookie and Snowflake Cookie from
Yankee. Oh lard, DELICIOUS!!!!

HolidayHappiness says:

Hey, I have the same shirt as Brad!
I love your shopping center, the stone work looks amazing!
That Taco Bell looked delicious, I have never been. I really want to try it
someday though, although there aren’t too many around here. We were at a
mall about three weeks ago and I wanted to try it, but I got overwhelmed by
the large menu and just decided on pizza instead, LOL.

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