At Home Stores, how to decorate your fireplace for Christmas

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Need some easy ways to decorate your fireplace for Christmas? We shopped at the At Home Stores and found so many great options. There are indoor and outdoor decorations and trees of every size. Check out our video of how we decorated our fireplace in under one minute! to find the At Home store near you. And visit our blog for more great recipes and ideas
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Penny Cockrell says:

Great job on decorating the fireplace!

Kimberly C says:

I wish I saw your video earlier. My fireplace needs help ha ha…

tonygreene113 says:

That looks like a decoration that even I can do.

Stephanie Jeannot says:

Awww you decorated it so nice

BeautyEcologist says:

I don't have one of those stores near me but those look like some great finds! looks great!

Leelo R says:

Beautiful! I wish I had this kind of fireplace!

Momina bhatti Vlog says:

this was so so pretty i would love to decorate my fireplace like that , i loved the decoration pieces you places specially that white tree and soldier so cute

Wahenthusiast says:

These are great ideas. I am always looking for new ways to decorate my fireplace.

US Japan Fam says:

Awwwww I love it!!! So beautiful!! Makes me wish we had a fireplace, alas city apartment living… maybe I could buy a facade to decorate…

MysElegance says:

I like it. cute decor

Joanne Greco says:

One just opened by me and I love it! Your fireplace looks great!

1st Class RV Adventures says:

Hello Sandra here! This is awesome LOVE it! Ty for sharing!!! Just subbed we love supporting family channels!

Diane Sullivan says:

I love At Home stores! You did a great job on the deco!!

Kenda Smith says:

My last house had a fireplace & I really miss it this time of year!

The Spring Mount 6 Pack says:

That looks beautiful. I just bought a house with a fire place. I can’t wait to decorate it.


Love your mantle, it is gorgeous! This is the 1st thing I decorate every year in order to get in the holiday spirit. The tree usually goes up a week later.

Grow With Samantha says:

You did a pretty job – very festive looking

Family Finds Fun says:

Ah, I love At Home stores – they get fabulous, inexpensive seasonal items!

stilldatingmyspouse says:

At Homes is my store but I always get overwhelmed and spend too much in the store LOL Great job on the fireplace decorations

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