9 Creative Ways To Upgrade Boring Gift Wrap

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cιтяυѕѕυѕнιηєкσѕ owo says:

🎥 The Weeknd – Starboy (official) ft. Daft Punk – YouTube

Eurus Holmes says:

When the gift wrap is so nice, you wouldn't want to open the gift anymore

Cata Parada says:


Katie Dancy says:

Christmas was yesterday

Valissa says:

The no tape one was actually really helpful for when you're wrapping presents the day before and don't have time to get tape (too late or whatever). Really cute

Abby Challenger says:

Gets to 0:38 cookies don’t fit in box

Maryam Ibrahim says:

nobody Is worth all that work. XD jk

Anonymous gender Bird says:

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Amelia Huefner says:

The 3d swirl box thing is cool, but can I find the paper, or do I have to make it?

Reiko Myles says:

Lovely Creative gift wrapping ideas. Me like. It starts your creative juices flowing. The ideas are endless.

Pamela Bortolin says:

I really liked the origami star bow one

guru-in-drag says:

Put more than 3 cookies in the first one!

Mrudula Vempati says:

Love these!!!

Kylee Abramson says:


Bruna Abreu says:

2:50 who else has that exact same mug??

Ebony Wilson says:

I really love the last one. I do think i would use a different colour for the inner star.

sky - chan says:

"Not sure if it's meant for Christmas , but let's throw it in there anyways! More people's gonna watch of the video is longer, right?"
-probably some dude who helped making this

Choma Loma says:


Phyllis Arringtion says:

well those cookies will go stale without being in a baggie or plastic wrap.

final queen says:

Me:*gives best friend the first one*
Best friend: ohhhhh*opens it* bitch u gave me one damn cookie with this fine ass box try again
Me:it's the thought that counts
Best friend: no I've been your bff for 10 years you just being cheap

Prazi Draco says:

3:48 o my gosh no why you put them in the wrong order

Magical Unicorn says:

3:39 ain't no body got time for dat!!!

BadHairDay Nunya says:

I thought those looked like two sides penises. My cousins agreed when I gave them the gifts in that one. So. Thanks. Now I'm gonna be that dude that gave his cousins penises

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